All-in-one Interactive Flat Panel


Brio Touch Professional can be easily integrated into virtually any enviroment, weather in Businesses as a Presentation, in Education as a Interactive White Board, Video Conferencing & Document Collaboration tool, or a Interactive Digital Signage solution in almost any enviroment. Every Brio Touch Professional is provided with 3 Software Packages for all types of interactive use.

  1. Brio Touch EMP Application (Easy Meeting & Presentation) which is ideal to use in all types of business enviroments, weather its presentations, annotating on video's, images or discussing simple to complex drawings.
  2. Brio Touch IWB Application (Interactive White Board) which is ideal for use in education enviroments with lots of tools and resource for teaching from Primary schools to Higher education institutes.
  3. Brio Touch VCC Application (Video Conference & Collaboration) which allows users to Video Conference and Collaborate on documents in realtime sat anywhere in the world coupled with Brio Touch Cloud Storage & Virtual Cloud Network.

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HD touch LED system is the latest interactive display equipment constituting of a large LED,built-in computer,touch screen and interactive software.

Product Model:
Other Features:

State-of-Art Technology

Infrared Technology creates quick and precise response to your each touch.

Easy Installation and Start

Simple click one butto to start the complete system.

Intuitive Software

Work seamlessly with all computer application. you can write,annotate and save at will.

Touch and Control

Write and operate on the display freely with finger, stylus or pen.