You look at a hoarding and think it’s a great way to reach out the audience. Apart from other traditional advertisements such as radio, newspaper and magazines, Digital Signage in India is now taking a toll over the country. Although Billboards are considered one of the largest forms of advertising, it  requires high maintenance, frequent changes to catch the new trends and so on.. Similarly, radio advertisement is good enough to reach a wide audience but people listening to it are probably engaged in other activities like driving. Hence the level of attention is not that same as in other futuristic advertisements.

As technology is being advanced at a rapid speed, Digital Signage – Video Walls and LED Walls,is becoming more and more sophisticated form of modern-day advertising. A video wall is an electronic display of images, text and videos being displayed in presentable format. It is a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple panels tiled together contiguously to form one large screen. Advertisements can be live in no time in today’s world. Hence, people save time in printing; labour cost and waiting period for advertisement to get live.

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There are many advantages of buying a Video Wall from Brio Touch. Few of them are listed below:


Whether you want to display some information or advertise your product, you need a solution that can effectively communicate and has prominent benefit in the world of multi-media. Video walls are flexible and can run multiple contents at a single display and vice versa. One video can be run on different screens at the same time.


The touch feature makes video walls more entertaining and interactive as you can effectively communicate and get an awesome experience. By installing Video walls at shopping malls, or restaurants one can engage more customers like never before. The Video walls can be connected with tablets and laptops to maximize user experience.



Video walls require low maintenance and less electricity consumption. They are compact, light-weight and have a superior thin frame. They offer great quality images with high definition resolution which can be viewed from different angles. Video wall displays for advertisements allow you to monitor different contents from a remote location and schedule your advertisement accordingly.

Over the past ten years, digital projectors used on their own or used with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) have been extensively used as ‘the large screen’ in classrooms, for presenting and to bring more interactivity and engagement into teaching and learning. However, with advancement in technology Interactive Flat panels have proved themselves better technology as compared to Smart Classroom.  Over that time projector technology has evolved from portable or long throw projectors to short throw, and more recently ‘ultra-short throw’ and ‘ultra-short throw interactive’ projectors. The shorter throw projectors are more fit-for-purpose than the longer throw, however despite these improvements, projectors still have a number of issues which cause problems and frustration to schools.

Projector problems experienced by schools include:

  • Projector image brightness fading over time, leading to difficulty clearly viewing screen content
  • Projector lamp unit failures
  • Inability of new spare lamp units to fully recapture the original brightness of new projectors
  • The cost and inconvenience of replacing faulty lamp units in projectors
  • The warranty provided on replacement lamp units is typically just for 3 months, which is too short


Some relevant questions include:

Can these problems be overcome?

If not are there more ‘fit for purpose’ technologies available as alternatives to projectors?


Some ‘Projection’ target objectives in the classroom might be:

  • To facilitate a better learning environment in classrooms
  • To transform the learning environment to improve learning experiences and outcomes
  • To facilitate more effective engagement and interactivity with students
  • To provide better quality images on the large screen
  • To facilitate high levels of natural external light in classrooms, where possible.
  • To avoid having to close window blinds or dim classroom lights to improve image quality
  • To use technologies that consume lower level of energy

The more recent technology that is challenging Projectors is Interactive Flat Panel (IFP). This is the same type technology that is used in flat screen TVs. Interactive flat screen technology has the potential to achieve the‘objectives’ stated above, however the initial purchase cost is generally higher than the cost of a digital projector.

The endeavours done by teachers for the students have always been under shadow. The teachers have belonged to the breed of hardworking individuals, working tirelessly in building up the future of the nation. Teachers love what they teach and always take up challenge of helping each student in learning. Passion for academics is what drives them and their passion is contagious which influences the students with the love of learning.Great teachers have great expectations from students; they expect all students to be equally hard working as they are. However, students are still in the budding stages of academics and sometimes cannot fulfil the expectations.

The need of the hour is smart work not hard work. The students of the generation Z have to be taught smartly. It’s an irony that the generation claims to be technologically adept and still is struck to blackboards in the classrooms. In order to teach the students smartly the classes need to be turned into interactive zone by moving from blackboards to interactive white boards with smart classroom solutions.

Ideally a teacher takes a 30 minute lecture in the school. A teacher must be expressive in a class to teach the students; hence to express, the lecturer uses a blackboard or charts to draw/show the diagrams. This process takes up 15 minutes of a lecture and results in wastage of precious time of the students and the teachers.  A teacher has to take around 5-6 classes a day and by the end of the day the teacher is tired and is unable to teach with her full potential due to which the efficiency of students being taught suffers. Education should be imparted in such a way that the teacher is able teach throughout the day with a constant pace with minimal time & energy being wasted.

The process of teaching should be changing like there was a paradigm shift from Gurukuls to modern schools. The newer generations of tech savvy should be taught in with technology so that they do not lose interest while being taught. The education sector now again waits for a paradigm shift for the newer generations. Changing modes of education do not ensure students to become more scholarly but it ensures that the mode of education being imparted is 100% efficient, which is less exhaustive for the teachers, less laborious for the students and also saves propitious amounts of time.

Brio touch is a company which can carter to these needs and stands apart to be one of the best smart class room companies in India and is available to provide best smart classroom in India with its USP of D.T.D(digital teaching device) enabled smart interactive boards available with state of the art technology imbibed in them. These smart services ensure that the efficiency of teachers of bestowing education reaches to the optimum level through sense of vision and voice.

The scenario of Indian education system is on the verge of change. All has been possible because of the initiatives of the current government which aim at creating a digital India with a motto of power to empower. The campaign will also help in transforming the education scenario in India.


The initiative has 3 important aspects which are; increasing online connectivity with its NOFP (national optical fibre project) which basically aims at increasing internet speeds, improved digital infrastructure and increasing digital literacy among the people of the nation.

Since the advent of the initiative in July 2015 the government has worked relentlessly on the 3 aspects, with its 1st step of connecting 2,50,000 villages by GPON to ensure FTTH based broad band till 2017 and introduction of 11 technology initiatives in 2016 union budget helped the nation to reach the benchmark of 500 million+ subscribers till 2017.


To make the country digitally literate we have to start from the grass root level that is providing smart education systems which will act as stimulus for the younger generations. Gone are the days of teaching students on black boards. The new generations must be taught on interactive smart board which interact with students digitally. The things taught get imbibed into the fresh minds of students making them easier to learn with reduced stress of learning on the students. We must move with the tide of digital India and create smart generations in smart classrooms.


The new educations systems have to be based upon these 3 aspects only; internet to the class rooms which will open horizons for the students to learn, improved digital infrastructure with smart classrooms and making the students learn digitally; hence making them literate digitally. Earlier these things were not possible but with the initiatives of the government barriers are being removed and the county is moving towards the goal of digital nation.


Many sectors in India have high hopes from the initiative and are helping the nation to become digitally literate. One such sector which is under transformation is the education sector which is now being backed up by various companies. BRIO TOUCH – one of the best smart classroom Companies in India , is based in Delhi which is also helping with the initiative and aims at providing smart class solutions. They aim at providing best interactive white boards in India and currently carter to big names in the education sector.

In today’s world, hard work is not enough. You need the smart work to meet all your desires. It’s a fact that we remember something that is visually taught to us rather than reading the pages. Smart class is an interactive equipment manufactured to enhance the quality of learning and teaching. It uses interactive modules like videos and presentation that are visually attractive and is more appealing to students who are already struggling with traditional methodology of teaching. Interactive whiteboards in India and Smart Class in India cannot guarantee to make a student smart but certainly, it gives a more desirable and dynamic atmosphere to a student to learn in a smart way.

Penned down are few benefits of smart classes over traditional methodology of teaching

  • Interactivity in Learning:

Information passed to students is much more realistic and interactive. The detailed information about a topic is more informative and easy to grab. Digital Classroom Solutions provide more interactive ambience to students which result in better transparency between teachers and kids. It helps in establishing a connection so that teachers can express their ideas in a dynamic way and expresses their feeling through writing, touching and drawing.

  • Access to World Wide Web #Teach-nology

Digital Teaching Devices have done a tremendous job by providing and sharing information available on the internet. For every topic, students can gather detailed information and look to the visuals that were quite impossible to be shown on pages. Students who want to cover deep information about a topic; the internet is the most useful tool for them. Accesses to Wikipedia, Educational website and encyclopedia have allowed vast enlightenment to teachers and students.

  • Ease of learning:

One of the most vital factors behind the constant popularity of interactive smartboard in India is the fact that they are most interactive solutions and its method of teaching is perfect for all kind of students. The kind of information taught on smart classrooms is both eye-catching and interesting.

There are many companies providing Smart Classes and interactive whiteboards to schools, colleges and corporate. One such company which is fulfilling the dream of millions of Teachers and Students is BRIO TOUCH, headquartered in New Delhi. As schools, colleges and businesses continue to adopt interactive presentation technologies, these are becoming more and more sophisticated and yet at the same time more cost effective as teaching and presentation solutions. Brio Touch is eager to play an active role in developing and cultivating schools of the future by providing innovative, scalable and affordable solutions to the education community.

Interactive learning raises the level of education, literacy and future growth of students in countries like India where the traditional education system is limited to rote learning. Education is vital communication of obtaining skills and knowledge. It is the most powerful weapon which we can use to grow and succeed in life. In fact, pen and pencil are mightier than sword. Education determines the future of a person’s life. It’s really important to consider how education is imparted these days to students. While most of schools and colleges still use traditional whiteboard or chalkboard to make student study, a majority of schools have started using smart class solution and interactive whiteboard to make a student learn.

Interactive learning is the new found success, which will contribute to a blended approach to learning that will soon dominate the path of education for years to come. There is an exceptional growth in the future of Digital Learning among the students in India and it is expected to grow on an accelerated path. Smart classroom allows live interactivity and flexibility in learning as per student’s need and demand in every aspect and has the potential to increase knowledge, thus enabling more job opportunities for students.

While the traditional method of education system used to put most of the students asleep, interactive learning helps overcome this problem as students get much more interactivity while learning. Students now actively participate in the class. Tablets are replacing textbooks, and whiteboards are being replaced by interactive Smartboard. Students can now easily access the Internet and World Wide Web for a better understanding of a topic.  Smart Boards turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. For every subject, there are numerous interactive videos available which can be accessed by teachers as well as students at any time in a smart classroom.

There are many Companies providing Digital Classroom Solutions. One such company is Brio Touch – a one stop shop for fulfilling all the Smart class requirements, headquartered in New Delhi providing smart class solutions. They are one of the finest Companies offering Smart Boards in India and Interactive whiteboards in India.  Implementing digital classroom teaching in your school or college was never this easy! Being direct importers of a wide range of interactive products and smart classroom solutions they provide unmatched prices and delivery schedules.