DIGITAL INDIA: Discovering potential of Smart Classrooms

The scenario of Indian education system is on the verge of change. All has been possible because of the initiatives of the current government which aim at creating a digital India with a motto of power to empower. The campaign will also help in transforming the education scenario in India.


The initiative has 3 important aspects which are; increasing online connectivity with its NOFP (national optical fibre project) which basically aims at increasing internet speeds, improved digital infrastructure and increasing digital literacy among the people of the nation.

Since the advent of the initiative in July 2015 the government has worked relentlessly on the 3 aspects, with its 1st step of connecting 2,50,000 villages by GPON to ensure FTTH based broad band till 2017 and introduction of 11 technology initiatives in 2016 union budget helped the nation to reach the benchmark of 500 million+ subscribers till 2017.


To make the country digitally literate we have to start from the grass root level that is providing smart education systems which will act as stimulus for the younger generations. Gone are the days of teaching students on black boards. The new generations must be taught on interactive smart board which interact with students digitally. The things taught get imbibed into the fresh minds of students making them easier to learn with reduced stress of learning on the students. We must move with the tide of digital India and create smart generations in smart classrooms.


The new educations systems have to be based upon these 3 aspects only; internet to the class rooms which will open horizons for the students to learn, improved digital infrastructure with smart classrooms and making the students learn digitally; hence making them literate digitally. Earlier these things were not possible but with the initiatives of the government barriers are being removed and the county is moving towards the goal of digital nation.


Many sectors in India have high hopes from the initiative and are helping the nation to become digitally literate. One such sector which is under transformation is the education sector which is now being backed up by various companies. BRIO TOUCH – one of the best smart classroom Companies in India , is based in Delhi which is also helping with the initiative and aims at providing smart class solutions. They aim at providing best interactive white boards in India and currently carter to big names in the education sector.


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