The future of Advertisement – Video Walls

You look at a hoarding and think it’s a great way to reach out the audience. Apart from other traditional advertisements such as radio, newspaper and magazines, Digital Signage in India is now taking a toll over the country. Although Billboards are considered one of the largest forms of advertising, it  requires high maintenance, frequent changes to catch the new trends and so on.. Similarly, radio advertisement is good enough to reach a wide audience but people listening to it are probably engaged in other activities like driving. Hence the level of attention is not that same as in other futuristic advertisements.

As technology is being advanced at a rapid speed, Digital Signage – Video Walls and LED Walls,is becoming more and more sophisticated form of modern-day advertising. A video wall is an electronic display of images, text and videos being displayed in presentable format. It is a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple panels tiled together contiguously to form one large screen. Advertisements can be live in no time in today’s world. Hence, people save time in printing; labour cost and waiting period for advertisement to get live.

Brio Touch is a one-stop shop for fulfilling all the digital signage requirements. They provide one of the best Video Walls in India and Interactive Products. Implementing digital advertisement in different localities was never this easy! Being direct importers of a wide range of interactive products and Digital Signage Solutions, they provide unmatched prices and delivery schedules.

There are many advantages of buying a Video Wall from Brio Touch. Few of them are listed below:


Whether you want to display some information or advertise your product, you need a solution that can effectively communicate and has prominent benefit in the world of multi-media. Video walls are flexible and can run multiple contents at a single display and vice versa. One video can be run on different screens at the same time.


The touch feature makes video walls more entertaining and interactive as you can effectively communicate and get an awesome experience. By installing Video walls at shopping malls, or restaurants one can engage more customers like never before. The Video walls can be connected with tablets and laptops to maximize user experience.



Video walls require low maintenance and less electricity consumption. They are compact, light-weight and have a superior thin frame. They offer great quality images with high definition resolution which can be viewed from different angles. Video wall displays for advertisements allow you to monitor different contents from a remote location and schedule your advertisement accordingly.

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