A step towards education, one giant leap for generations

The endeavours done by teachers for the students have always been under shadow. The teachers have belonged to the breed of hardworking individuals, working tirelessly in building up the future of the nation. Teachers love what they teach and always take up challenge of helping each student in learning. Passion for academics is what drives them and their passion is contagious which influences the students with the love of learning.Great teachers have great expectations from students; they expect all students to be equally hard working as they are. However, students are still in the budding stages of academics and sometimes cannot fulfil the expectations.

The need of the hour is smart work not hard work. The students of the generation Z have to be taught smartly. It’s an irony that the generation claims to be technologically adept and still is struck to blackboards in the classrooms. In order to teach the students smartly the classes need to be turned into interactive zone by moving from blackboards to interactive white boards with smart classroom solutions.

Ideally a teacher takes a 30 minute lecture in the school. A teacher must be expressive in a class to teach the students; hence to express, the lecturer uses a blackboard or charts to draw/show the diagrams. This process takes up 15 minutes of a lecture and results in wastage of precious time of the students and the teachers.  A teacher has to take around 5-6 classes a day and by the end of the day the teacher is tired and is unable to teach with her full potential due to which the efficiency of students being taught suffers. Education should be imparted in such a way that the teacher is able teach throughout the day with a constant pace with minimal time & energy being wasted.

The process of teaching should be changing like there was a paradigm shift from Gurukuls to modern schools. The newer generations of tech savvy should be taught in with technology so that they do not lose interest while being taught. The education sector now again waits for a paradigm shift for the newer generations. Changing modes of education do not ensure students to become more scholarly but it ensures that the mode of education being imparted is 100% efficient, which is less exhaustive for the teachers, less laborious for the students and also saves propitious amounts of time.

Brio touch is a company which can carter to these needs and stands apart to be one of the best smart class room companies in India and is available to provide best smart classroom in India with its USP of D.T.D(digital teaching device) enabled smart interactive boards available with state of the art technology imbibed in them. These smart services ensure that the efficiency of teachers of bestowing education reaches to the optimum level through sense of vision and voice.


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