Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Infrared Interactive Whiteboard Detail

Brio's Interactive Whiteboard is a cost-effective solution for digital classroom teaching, conferences, corporate trainings, presentations, etc. A perfect solution to replace your old white/blackboards and making teaching/training/presentation experience better and impressive as well as easy for users. It is Brio Interactive Whiteboard Software that enables you to combine multimedia contents and various files with your lesson consistently. An easy-to-reach intelligent pen tray holder enables the start up of software by picking up the intelligent pen. Two colored pens (black and red), an eraser and a pointer are provided for convenient operation on the Brio Interactive whiteboard. In today's time of hiking power tariff rates,it comes to you rescue as it adopts LED lighting technology,and therefore, requires low power supply.

Features Interactive Board
Calibration 8 Points
Surface Area Resolution 4096 * 4096
Active Area Dimension 1634 * 1173mm(64.5 * 46.2in)
Active Area Diagonal 1971.05mm(77.6in)
Overall Dimension 1742 * 1281mm (68.6 * 50.45in)
Power Consumption <70mA
Cursor Speed 12m/s
Transmission Speed 180 dot/s
Viewing Angel Right/Left: 170°, Up/Down: 160°
Screen Format 4:03
Working Temperature -20° to +60°C
Anti-Light Intensity Under daylight, indoor & outdoor environment
Working Humidity 10% to 90%
Position Presicion <0.1mm
Data Transmission USB cable or wireless module
Power Supply USB power less than 5V/100mA
Packed Comments List Activeboard, Cordless Activepen * 2, 6ms USB cable * 1, Software CD * 1, Wall Mounting Brakets * 1 set
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Linux, Mac
Accuracy <0.1mm
Connection to PC USB 2.0, 1 * 6m USB cable
Board Weight 21 kgs(42.64lb)
Packed Weight 35 kgs(71.06lb)